Thrive Anew is dedicated to providing guidance to families in transition. Whenever there is change in the family system, whether it is anticipated with joy or fear, or comes as a complete shock, there will be stress experienced because change of any kind places pressure on all loved ones and their relationships that need to change. Although change is not always predictable, it is always an opportunity to do what is needed with dignity and good faith and kindness. It is always an opportunity to discover the best that you have to offer.

Life is about growth and growth signifies change. Often people fear that change of any kind will be stressful and exhausting. However, these fearful thoughts are usually based on a lack of information. Thrive Anew therefore is dedicated to providing the information that is helpful to you in making your own decisions that are consistent with your most important values through private consultations and referral to insightful materials and professionals. It has been said about divorce that divorce is like a desert: you know there is an end to it, but you’re not sure you’ll ever see the end. There is life after dramatic change and it is possible to live again fully and happily, and yes, to thrive once again.


Jennifer Isensee has practiced law for years in the Bay Area she brings a broad spectrum of insight and passion to helping people. Her genuine interest in the people she represents fuels her unique drive to improve the choices people make when faced with changing circumstances. Thus, her focus is in helping people take the long view for their future to their desired destination, that is past the scary points, and is well beyond the end of their legal case.

In her practice of law over the years Ms. Isensee has appeared in California State courts for family, probate, juvenile, civil, and criminal matters, the US bankruptcy and immigration courts. However, Ms. Isensee's primary interest has always been in the well-being of families involved in litigation and therefore she has increasingly focused her practice in family law. Even though she is an adept and experienced litigation attorney, her desire to provide more and better service for her clients led her to obtain her Mediation Certificate through the County of Santa Clara's outstanding Dispute Resolution Program offered by the Office of Human Relations. Ms. Isensee has found her mediation skills improved her advocacy and her settlements.

As a family law attorney Ms. Isensee helps people formalize a new structure for the family by guiding them through the court system and translating the legal-speak of the court into understandable language. It is her goal to help her client create the best family culture possible by presenting her client's values to the court in the language that the court understands. With her wealth of experience, Ms. Isensee is very comfortable advocating in court but she prefers to protect her clients from the litigation experience if possible. Her view is that it's good to win in court, but it's better to get what you want in settlement.


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