Jennifer represented me in my divorce and child custody. My former spouse and his mother are wealthy and socially connected. I was able to divorce my abusive spouse and retain physical and legal custody of my young child. I am forever grateful. -AM

I was divorcing an abusive husband with whom I shared a young child. It was a very difficult case. Jennifer advocated for me and my child like no one else. I am forever grateful. -RT

Jennifer handled my Landlord / Tenant matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. Jennifer Isensee helped to solve an issue of harassment from a neighbor towards my tenants. Jennifer was knowledgeable and her intervention helped me in keeping a GREAT tenant. She was responsive and kept me informed. Her professionalism and trustworthiness were invaluable.
Jennifer, thank you for the wonderful work. -MM

Jennifer helped me not only as an attorney but mentally [as a friend] throughout this entire process. She made the entire process so flawlessly and everything she promised she DELIVERED. I trusted her from day one and she never disappointed me. Even if my wife and I had agreed on the terms Jennifer fees were very aggressive and for $1500 everything was done including real estate title transfer and never had to go to court. Probably the best $1500 I ever invested to get peace of mind. I had my divorce papers signed by the judge next day after my wife and I finalized all paperwork. JUST OUTSTANDING!! I would recommend Jennifer to all my friends. THANK YOU Jennifer for helping me to get my life back. Jennifer is fair and honest and would not hesitate to recommend her services. -MV

Jennifer played the key element in representing my wishes to the court. She was an extremely effective coach and mindful of my priorities and end goals. -KB

Thanks Jennifer for the extremely personalized service from start to the finish coming up...I always will appreciate the help you extended to me and would highly recommend you to anyone! -MT

Jennifer helped a friend with a custody situation where the mother had taken the child out of state. She was able to succeed even though another lawyer had done nothing but create a huge bill for my friend. After the situation was favorably resolved, my friend told me that Jennifer was able to get justice where the best that could have been expected was "the law." Jennifer is a rare breed of attorney, both extremely competent and compassionate. -GAH

I highly recommend Jennifer Isensee for her very effective work handling divorces, and for her passionate work handling adoptions. She represented my friend in his divorce. I saw how she tried to reduce conflict to resolve various issues which kept being brought up by the other side, using her skills as a licensed mediator. When attempts to calmly resolve issues weren't effective, I saw how aggressively and vigorously she fought for her client. Jennifer is definitely the kind of attorney you want on your side. During her 25+ years of experience in family court, she certainly gained invaluable knowledge on how to achieve the best results for her clients. From my many conversations with her, I can see how passionate and caring she is when it comes to adoptions. She has a special smile and gleam in her eyes when she speaks of her many success stories. I recommend Jennifer for family legal matters. -AW

In the end, my fondest wish was granted when Jennifer Isensee, a family law attorney in San Jose, spent two hours on the telephone, helping me think through the legal issues in the story. This would be a very different book if it weren’t for her good-natured and generous assistance to a total stranger. -- Emilie Richards, from The Swallow's Nest Acknowledgements.