Mission Statement

It is our goal at Thrive Anew to help people create the best culture possible for their family situation whether the family is simply changing or experiencing a period of forced growth through litigation. Mediation and collaboration are often alternatives that can be employed to smooth the transition for the family that is changing. Key to any smooth transition is helpful information and thoughtful action that is consistent with the family’s core values.

All families are unique and should be handled with care to nurture the best things about each family as well as those aspects of it that are under pressure to take some new form. Some children are lucky to have two good parents who always cooperate with one another. Some children have one good parent and must learn to cope with a not-so-good parent. Some children have four good parents. Some children are raised by grandparents, great-grandparents, step-parents, aunts, uncles, foster parents, adoptive parents, or older siblings. Many households are blended families. All families have strengths and can have a beautiful family culture with the right nutrition for its soul.

Whenever there is change in the family system, whether it is anticipated with joy or fear, or comes as a complete shock, there will be stress experienced because change of any kind places pressure on the loved ones and their relationships that need to change. Although change is not always predictable, it is always an opportunity to do what is needed with dignity and good faith and kindness. It is always an opportunity to discover the best that you and your family have to offer.