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Welcome to Thrive Anew

Jennifer Isensee is dedicated to providing guidance to families in transition.

Jennifer IsenseeJennifer Isensee has practiced law for years in the Bay Area she brings a broad spectrum of insight and passion to helping people. Her genuine interest in the people she represents fuels her unique drive to improve the choices people make when faced with changing circumstances. Thus, her focus is in helping people take the long view for their future to their desired destination, that is past the scary points, and is well beyond the end of their legal case.

Life is about growth and growth signifies change. Often people assume that change of any kind will be stressful and exhausting and is something to be feared. However, these fearful thoughts are usually based on a lack of information. Thrive Anew therefore is dedicated to providing the information that is helpful to you in making your own decisions that are consistent with your most important values through private consultations and referral to insightful materials.

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Case Studies


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Husband came to me the day after he had discovered his wife was having an affair. Husband and Wife had been on vacation with another couple and Husband found his wife kissing the other husband.


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Wife came to me a year after she and her husband had lived separate and apart. There were no children and wife wanted no support from her husband. As a Family Law Attorney in San Jose I believe it is important to find the best solutions for my clients.